Class of Boys 1950's


Class of Girls 1950-51



This photograph was taken approxi mately 1953/4 in Broad Street, March. Boys of the Burrowmoor        Road Primary School were assembling for a sight seeing trip to London,  travelling with Blue Bell                     Coaches of Station Road.

Noted are: David Ayres, Derek Spendelow, Ken Parrish, Ken Alley, Terry Stenson, Graham Bunn,                 John Butt, John Hammond, Colin Rush, Peter Hendley, Drivers: Connor and Munden, ? English,                   Brian Woodcock, ? Godfrey, Trevor Woodcock, Robin Munden, David Bruce, Norman Carter,                      Robert Rose, Anthony Bourne, Anthony Chandler and John Richardson.


Two classes of boys. 1950's.


Boys Football Team 1953-54

Taken on the Gaul Road Recreation Ground this photograph shows boys of the Burrowmoor Road           Primary School portrayed as members of a 'Robin Hood' tableau.  The event was part of the town's      Coronation Celebrations of 1953.

Noted are: John Butt, Trevor Tinkler, Stephen Trowbridge, Colin Cornwell, Peter Hendley,                      Colin Rush, Brian Munden, Eric Fisher and Robert Jones.

Another shot of the 'Robin Hood' tableau.

Boys noted are: Peter Hendley, Colin Rush, Tony Arter, John Butt, Brian Woodcock and Philip Bird.




Mr Philip Bird