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From Year 1 onwards, all class teachers explicitly teach the History and Geography topics using a TOPIC approach.

Knowledge organisers are used to ensure children have a set of information they will be expected to remember from their lessons.  Each topic begins with a wow lesson and a collecting of what the children already know.  From that, they then build the learning journey.  Planning starts with the knowledge, the ‘what’, the concepts and how we learn about a subject, incorporates vocabulary including etymology of words and then worked examples leading to independent tasks.

Our geography curriculum helps pupils build powerful knowledge of the world. Through our carefully sequenced curriculum, children build knowledge over time, knowing more and remembering more as they work through the curriculum.

Conceptual understanding is at the heart of the PKC curriculum and children will learn about key geographical concepts including place, space, the environment, and how the world around them is interconnected.

Throughout the curriculum, children will consider how we know about the world, what geographers do, what they look for, and how they may interpret their observations. By answering questions such as ‘what would a geographer say about this place?’, we encourage children to think about the discipline of geography and how knowledge is formed.

Pupils following the PKC will have many opportunities to make interesting and complex connections between what they study in geography and other subjects such as history and science. The knowledge-rich approach to a primary geography curriculum supports children to understand the world around them, to think deeply about global issues and to develop their own sense of identity; knowing who they are and equipping them with the power to determine their futures.