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At Burrowmoor, we are passionate about Mathematics and want our children to develop as fluent, curious and enthusiastic mathematicians, who have the desire to ask questions, apply their knowledge and make connections between maths and the wider world.  We believe that with the right teaching and support, plus a positive attitude, all children can achieve well in maths.  Through fluency with number, mathematical reasoning and development of problem solving skills, we want to provide our children with the tools to succeed as mathematicians, bringing the everyday maths and life skills into the classroom.

The school has been working to improve the maths provision we provide our children by adopting the schemes from White Rose Maths (, with some slight differences to align to the needs of our children and our calculation policies.

Our maths units are planned in line with the national curriculum, using the White Rose Maths ‘small steps guidance’ as a basis for learning.  Key concepts are considered, with vital representations, questions and possible misconception highlighted before the teaching, in order to address these during the teaching.  We then provide feedback directly to the children, adapting our teaching to the ever changing needs of the learners.  We also use the Ready to Progress criteria developed by the NCETM to help structure the progression of our teaching across both units and year groups.

Reasoning is key to our teaching in maths.  This includes our ability to question the children, probe deeper, and provide opportunities to make mistakes, address misconceptions, explain why answers are right or wrong, and justify thinking.  

In class

Maths is taught daily across the school, with fluency sessions forming part of whole class lessons where the children can develop skills to:

- rapidly recall key facts such as doubles and halves

- adding and subtracting mentally

- times tables

- shape names and their properties

Additional fluency sessions also take place, where concepts such as written methods are looked at in more detail.