Anti- Bullying

Mrs Willatt is our Anti-Bullying Champion


What is Bullying?


‘Bullying is behaviour by an individual or group, repeated over time, that intentionally hurts another individual or groups either physically or emotionally’. (DfE, 2011)

Bullying damages children’s physical and mental health, including their self-confidence and ability to build and sustain healthy, successful and positive relationships.   Bullying undermines the ability to learn and concentrate and can impact on children’s chances of achieving their full potential at school and later in life. Bullying causes harm to those who bully, those who are bullied and those who observe bullying.

At Burrowmoor we believe that all children have the right to learn in an environment where they feel safe. 



Anti-Bullying Noticeboard


What have the children been learning in the classroom?

Year 1

In class the children have discussed what attributes are needed to make a good friend. The children wrote these on the fingers of a hand, decorated the hand and then cut the hand out. These hands are displayed in the classroom.

Year 2

The children in year 2 have made posters linked to the message of STOP.  they have also shared and written what is special about me.  The Horrid Henry video was used to discuss bullying and how it can affect anyone.  Watch at

Year 3

The children have read 'The Power for Good' poem.  They have completed a support circle to know who to go to if they need to talk to someone about a problem they may have. They have created 'Helping Hands' and discussed different types of bullying.  The children have expressed their views on bullying and situations when they may need help.

Year 4

The children have explored what makes a good friend and created a wreath of hands to remind them as a class who their friends are and who they would go to for help.

In class they have watched some Anti-Bullying videos and shared bullying issues in circle time.

Year 5

In year 5 they have looked at different types of bullying.  They have had some interesting debates about the difference between bullying and being unkind.  Bullying poems have been read and the children have written their own poems.  In year 5 the children have also had the opportunity to write definitions of what bullying is from a child's point of view.

Year 6

The children have created Anti-Bullying posters to show why we need to be safe on the internet and what cyber bullying is. Scenarios have been shared and discussed in circle time.

Burrowmoor's next steps

Bullying ambassadors and form a council of children from years 3-6.

Investigate friendship buddies out in the playground.

Complete Anti Bullying PSHE unit of work across the school for the remainder of the Autumn term.