At our school, we have a School Parliament and a School Council. Members of Year 6 are voted for by their peers to become Ministers.  They then listen to the School Council representatives and support making final decisions. The School Council reps are voted in by their class mates in Years 1 - 5.

Our Ministers for 2022-23 are:

Eco - Lola N.

Computing - Rodin Y.

Reading - Poppy F.

Sports - Maxwell L-T.

Charities - Madison H.

Art - Angelo S-F.


Our School Council Reps are:

1D - Ruby H. 

1L - Jessica B.

2R - James R.

2M - Jasmine S.

3O - Felicity M.

3S - Tobi C.

4O - Joshua B.

4BW - Jago P.

5W - Dia H-A.

5D - Gaby D.

6AR - Maxwell L-T.

6S - Lola N.