School Meals

Dinner Choices

The Red Option


  • Choose main option (see the choices on the menu)
  • Add vegetable/s or side salad
  • Add an additional piece of fruit (apple*, banana*, pears, grapes, raisins*, sultanas*, apricots, chopped melon, pineapple)
  • Add a dessert from the day’s selection* 

The Green Option

Salad Bar

  • Choose Roll, French stick or wraps 
  • Then Choose Plain pasta*, Tuna pasta*, rice, couscous or new potatoes 
  • Then select Ham*, cheese*, fish or egg 
  • Add a section of (as many as you would like) Lettuce*, tomatoes*, cucumber*, sweetcorn*, gherkins*, pickle onions*, beetroot*, pineapple*, coleslaw*, raisins* 
  • Add a piece of fruit and a dessert from the day’s selection* 

The Blue Option

Pick and Mix - Collect your sandwich (ham* or cheese* or sandwich of the day*)

  • Then add Fruit and Vegetables – take at least one or as many as you can eat.
  • Whole fruit – apples*, banana*, pears, grapes,
  • Chopped fruit - melon, pineapple, banana, apple
  • Dried fruit – raisins*, sultanas*, apricots
  • Veg sticks – carrot sticks*, cucumber*,
  • Add a milkshake*, fromage frais* or glass of milk* if you wish
  • Add a dessert from the day’s selection*


  • Choose from a yogurt*, frozen yogurt/smoothie or dessert for the day* (see menu for the days selection.)

 Booking Sheet

 Packed Lunches