Subject leader within the school: Mrs. S. Rainbow



At Burrowmoor Primary School we recognise the importance of Computing and its significance in an ever-changing technological world. We strongly believe Computing is a key skill that all children should master as it is integral to prepare children to live in a world where technology is continuously evolving. We want all pupils to develop a love for Computing and strive to reach their full potential with the vast array of technology available to them. Computers,  tablet devices,  programmable robots,  digital  and  video  devices  are  but  a  few  of  the  tools  that  can  be  used  to  acquire,    organise,    store,    manipulate,    interpret,    communicate    and    present  information.

We strive to develop technological curiosity by providing pupils with fun, inspiring computing links within our curriculum. Underpinning this is a commitment to ensuring that online safety is at the very core of our vision.



As the school develops its resources and expertise to deliver the Computing curriculum, units are planned in line with the National Curriculum and will allow for clear progression. Our bespoke Burrowmoor curriculum covers all aspects of Computing skills and knowledge from Foundation through to Year 6. The units of work used are adapted by teachers and used to enhance the teaching and learning in other areas of the curriculum. This year, our curriculum has been adapted to encompass learning that children may have missed from a previous year group as a result of partial school closures/Lockdowns.

Resources will be drawn from nationally accredited schemes such as: Teach Computing, Barefoot Computing,, amongst others and linked to other curriculum subjects where relevant. Class iPads are used regularly for a range of purposes which supports the links made with the wider curriculum.



We use monitoring throughout the year to ascertain the impact of the Computing curriculum.  Children will be assessed against set objectives to gauge knowledge and understanding of the Computing curriculum. Children will leave Burrowmoor Primary School being confident and safe users of computing technology with the ability and desire to apply their knowledge in any given context of their choice to improve their future opportunities.



At Burrowmoor, we enhance teaching using technology in all aspects of the curriculum alongside developing basic computer skills. We aim to enthuse and equip children with the capability to use technology throughout their lives, striving to become computer literate for the future.

Our curriculum is further enriched through purposeful cross-curricular links and by dedicating time to participate in additional curriculum days such as Safer Internet Day, which promotes rich discussion and awareness.

Computing Policy

Online Safety Policy