At Burrowmoor Primary school, we believe that studying History is vital to our understanding of the world.  The journey that our children go on to acquire historical knowledge, concepts and skills mean that they become inquisitive and curious about the world around them and the ways in which the past is represented. Children are able to make connections across different periods of time and develop a good chronological knowledge.



In order to achieve the objectives of the History Curriculum, each subject is taught through a blocked topic approach. These topics have been mapped to the National Curriculum Programmes of Study for History.  In lessons, a variety of approaches will be used to ensure continuity and progression. Lessons will include whole class teaching, group work and individual work. Planning will take into account the needs of individual pupils in line with the school’s inclusion and equal opportunities policies. 



At Burrowmoor, the intended impact of the History curriculum is that children are inspired by the History curriculum and seek to learn more. They are able to show progression in their skills and knowledge throughout their work. They are able to discuss their learning and remember what they have learnt. We aim for children to be able to talk about their first-hand experiences of visiting historical places and recall working with visitors.



There will be an emphasis on the provision of hands-on experiences for the children where appropriate and possible.  Educational visits, including museums are made to relevant locations, which will stimulate the pupils’ interest. Visitors with first-hand knowledge/expertise will also be invited into school to further enhance the History curriculum.  Children will also take part in online learning experiences, for example, virtual visits to historical sites to ensure children have access to a wide range of experiences.

History Policy

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