At Burrowmoor, we aim to encourage regular physical activity to develop stamina, strength and a range of both fine and gross motor skills. We believe our children should have a thorough understanding of the importance of exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We believe all children should develop their self-confidence and creativity through both independent and group work activities.



Our PE curriculum covers a broad and balanced range of physical activities. Each year group has a specific set of skills which they focus on to ensure that children develop a secure knowledge of games, dance, gymnastics and (from KS2) athletics and outdoor and adventurous activities progressively.  

Each year, previous learning is taken into account and developed carefully to ensure that each child progresses and continues to progress throughout their years at our school.



At Burrowmoor, children will develop a keen interest in P.E. and show an eagerness to participate in every lesson. They will be able to discuss their learning and apply this consistently to a broad range of physical activities and sports. Our children will be able to identify inspirational sporting people from a range of sports, and will understand the importance of leading healthy and active lifestyle. Children will understand that there are a broad range of physical activities and finding the activity they enjoy is vital.



In addition to P.E. during curriculum allotted time, we endeavour to provide additional opportunities for children to access extra-curricular physical activity.  We encourage active playtimes and take part in intra and inter-school competitions and festivals to ensure that all of our children have an opportunity to take part in a range of sports both in and outside of school.  Furthermore, we encourage the development of physical skills and group work activities through our Forest School, which each year group participates in throughout the academic year.