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Celebrating Positive Behaviour in our School

At Burrowmoor we want to reward the children for their wonderful behaviour, hard work and fantastic effort. We use several methods to reward children on a regular basis.

Class Dojo

Children can earn Dojo points throughout the day for their hard work, positive learning behaviours, following school rules and being positive members of the school community. Each week, the person from each class that receives the most Dojo points, will be announced during the celebration assembly and offered a prize. The number of Dojo points that each class earns will also be tracked weekly with the class that earn the most earning extra playtime.  

All of these are then celebrated on the School Dojo News feed.

If you are a parent/ carer and have not accessed the School Dojo page, please talk to the class teacher.

Diamond learners: 

Children also strive to move up on the Behaviour Ladders in school so that they can be Diamond Learners by the end of each day. For achieving a Diamond Learner, the children will share their achievements with the Headteacher or a member of SLT and receive a sticker that can then be shared with home.  

Every Friday, Diamond Learner certificates are awarded to each class in the celebration assembly. These can be awarded for a variety of reasons, from amazing work to fantastic efforts in class.

Throughout the year, the headteacher will also send postcards home to children celebrating how wonderful they have been in school.

Where possible, we always celebrate the positive behaviours, work ethics and hard work of the children, but on some occasions we realise that behaviours become more challenging and for these we follow our behaviour policy to support the children to de-escalate and to turn their behaviour around, seeking external support where necessary.