Curriculum Introduction

“The curriculum should be treasured. There should be real pride in “our” curriculum; the learning that the nation has decided it should set before its’ young. Teachers, parents, the wider education community, the employment community, the media and
the public at large should all see the curriculum as something that they embrace, support and celebrate. Most of all, young people should relish the opportunity for discovery and achievement that the curriculum offers to them.”

Mick Waters

Our curriculum has been created and personalised through staff knowledge of our children’s needs and experiences with a view to developing the values, knowledge and competencies that will enable them to live full and satisfying lives. Our vision is
to foster a “Passion for learning for life”. The entitlement of all Burrowmoor children is a curriculum that….

  • is broad and balanced – whilst considering key skills and knowledge in English, Maths, Science and Computing as well as the foundation subjects
  • encompasses a range of teaching styles from direct teaching to child led exploration – across all year groups from Nursery to Year 6.
  • immerses children though both subject specific sessions and through thematic learning. This enables children to regularly and often develop their skills alongside a deeper learning over extended periods.
  • is enriched with opportunities to ensure a sense of purpose and to make connections across their learning. The learning that takes place is inspiring and engaging.
  • allows for children to become risk assessors/risk takers in their learning and become independent and collaborative learners. We aim for them to be challenged and in turn challenge their own thinking and the thinking of others.

Throughout the entire curriculum they will be supported through modelling, scaffolding and facilitating.

  • ensures that there is a supportive environment for everyone in which they can make mistakes and try again.
  • will be used flexibly to allow for children’s interests, children’s needs and world events. We will seize opportunities.
  • will allow the development of problem-solving skills – both imposed and selfgenerated. This will allow opportunities for children to hypothesise and extend their thinking.
  • is rigorous and able to measure progress and impact. 

Across the whole of our curriculum we encourage children to “reach for it, work for it, achieve it”

In order for this to happen our children need to be:

S – Self-motivated

T – Team Workers

Active Learners

R – Respectful

S – Stay Safe

These learning behaviours will support our children to become Burrowmoor Shining S T A R S